Singapore General Insurance Guide

This is a guide for Management and Risk Managers about General Insurance that is typically purchased by corporations based in Singapore.


These insurances protect the tangible assets of a corporation.

Property "All Risks" Insurance

Property "All Risks" is also often known as "Industrial All Risks Insurance" or Commercial Property Insurance. The "All Risks" title is a misnomer as not every risk is covered, as there exists exclusions in the policy. Typically, the purpose ofthe insurance is to cover loss of property caused by three main causes: a) Fire b) Theft c) Accidental Damage.

Erection "All Risks"

Erection "All Risks" covers the installation of property and the risks associated with accidents during the installation.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor vehicles such as trucks and company cars are covered under "Motor Insurance". Damage to the vehicle is covered under the section of the Motor Vehicle policy called "Own Damage".

Marine Cargo

Marine Cargo is used to cover goods that are in transit including whilst on sea, land and air. 


These insurances aim to provide indemnity for legal fees and "damages" awarded by the court or in a settlement from legal liability that a corporation is exposed to.

Comprehensive General Liability

This insurance, also sometimes known as "Public Liability", aims to provide indemnity to corporations for legal liability for injury or damage to third parties and their property arising out of accidents that occur due to the negligence of company employees. 

Products Liability

Products liability aims to indemnify the corporation for legal liability arising out of injury or damage to the property of persons that use the corporation's products. 

Professional Liability

More appropriate, and sometimes compulsory by law (e.g. lawyers and acccountants) for service firms, professional liability insurance aims to indemnify the firm for losses by their clients arising out of negligent advice given by the firm.

Management Liability

Also sometimes known as "Director's and Officer's Liability" this insurance seeks to provide indemnity to directors of a company personally liable for breach of duties owned to shareholders, employees and other corporate stakeholders.

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