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June 2009 - Sterling Knight collaborates with Hub International in Employee Benefits webinar

May 2009 - Medical insurance programs without pre-existing illness exclusion offered to Sterling Knight's clients

March 2009 - The Worldwide Broker Network launches International Insurance Collaboration Tool for Clients

October 2008 - News and risk management reports service purchased from

September 2008 - Customer Relationship Management system enhanced using

May 2008 - Dr Victor Adam trains rescue workers for Sichuan Earthquake

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15 March 2009


The Worlwide 


The Worldwide Broker Network "WBN" created their first international trading platform in 2000. In 2008 WBN joined with Vertafore in taking our platform to the next level. WBN has long been committed to technology as a market differentiator and the strength of its approach is the ability of its network to provide a customized service delivery system to each of its clients. WBN uses the RiskCLick2 solution to provide their correspondent network with up-to-date information associated with a policy, submission, renewal or endorsement in one place, and enables internal and external parties, including risk managers, to securely share and act on that information as necessary.

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Up-to-date policy information wherever you are
WBN clients have online access to all coverage and claims data relating to their worldwide risk and insurance management. They enjoy access to a central, 24-hour, globally accessible database to help them keep a finger on all their insurance data. This solution ensures that all employees have access to a single, uniformly valid version of all relevant data.

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